There are 2 main circles when it comes to choosing what approach to health and healing you can go with. The options are ‘big pharma medicine’ or ‘holistic medicine’.

Big Pharma


  • Fast treatment for emergencies like broken bones or limbs
  • Can be lifesaving at the right moment
  • Treats the symptoms
  • Easily accessible
  • Cheap expenses


  • Makes money from sick not healthy
  • Does not treat the root cause
  • Untrustworthy doctors (kickbacks and incentives rampant)
  • Petroleum based industry



  • Treats the root cause and symptoms
  • No repercussions with mixing ‘medications’
  • Natural Plant/Herbal/Flora based
  • Healers/Naturopaths that care


  • Harder to access
  • Costly expenses (no subsidies)
  • No ‘quick fix’ pills
  • Patience is required

I have been on both at one stage or another or on both at the same time. Depending on the situation and once all the pros and cons are weighted out for that specific situation, then make an informed decision based on that. Some may even require using both. An example would be if I was to break a limb, I would be going to a hospital in the first instance but once on the mend, I would to go to the naturopath/healer.

My time on the ‘big pharma’ route, it didn’t play out well especially when I had no control over this (parents). I will say the time I needed it was when my appendix was removed. Thankfully I have not had any broken bones or limbs to need hospitals. I was constantly sick multiple times a year (at least 3 minimum), I grabbed pills and popped them like lollies and never had energy or felt healthy.

My time on the ‘holistic’ route, I can say that I have never felt better. Constant streams of energy and happiness, no dark clouds over my head, body looks and feels great and compliments all around for how I radiate.


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