Expand the Mind, Body and Soul

Every modern day problem has a natural solution


Learn about ones future and the unknown. Find out what you could expect from a certain timeline.


Learn about eating balanced, healthy and nutritional food. What works best for your blood type.


Learn about your health issues without immediately looking for pills. Determining the cause of the problem and finding a permanent solution.


Learn about the properties of crystals and how you can add these into your life.


Learn about finding ones self and cancelling out the background noise of daily life.


Learn about what the words of ‘I AM’ or ‘THANK YOU’ help achieve.

Magic Mushrooms

Learn about what a journey into self discovery is all about.


Learn about what chakras are and what they can do for you.

Sun Gazing

Learn about the benefits of the sun when we are told not to stare at it.

Sound Healing

Learn what sounds trigger emotional responses and what you should be listening to.