Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms take you on a journey like you have never experienced on the 3rd dimensional level. Journeys can be either a positive experience, neutral experience or negative experience depending on a range of factors. I will do my best to list what assisted me with my positive journeys and experiences.

  1. Make sure you are in the right mindset.
    The number one and most important factor is your mindset. You need to want to do this for the right reasons. People have bad trips when doing these at festivals (EDM, Hardstyle, Rock etc), nightclubs and parties as they are not in the correct state of mind or doing this for a spiritual journey. Magic Mushrooms do not work if you are on anti-depressants/anxiety medications as these supress areas of the brain/mind which should naturally function at normal or higher frequencies/capacities.
  2. Fast and eat plant-based prior.
    As a rule of thumb, do not eat prior to taking mushrooms. This will prevent the actual dosage from working effectively. If you eat the night before, skip the morning meal and you will be fine for a midday start. Try to go plant based for 2 weeks prior. This isn’t a pre-requisite however my friends all believe that because I have been a vegan for so long it ensured a positive experience.
  3. Have a safe place/spot.
    Do Magic Mushrooms in a safe spot that you are familiar with (like your home, room, friends house) and if it is your first time, do it with a trusted friend who will not be partaking in this experience (think of them as an aid during this period).
  4. Write down your intentions.
    I cannot stress this point enough! Write down what you want from the experience and make sure you go into it with an open mind. Some questions to ask during the journey can include ‘Am I on the right life path?’ or ‘Do I have any past/present/future karmic debts that I should clear’ or ‘What more can I do to understand myself and my surrounds’.
  5. Make a plan.
    Be willing to take the time out before you start to prepare. You cannot be over prepared for your first time. Make sure if you have music it goes for X hours long. Make sure your music device is fully charged or plugged in. Have some incense/sage ready for a few parts of the journey. Ensure you have water close by. Make sure if you utilise crystals you have them on you or close by. Take objects that you are attracted to naturally with you on the journey (they become interesting to look at).
  6. Give yourself enough time.
    Every journey is different and that includes the length of time it can take when experiencing this. Allocate yourself roughly 6-8 hours so you don’t feel rushed.
  7. The most important rule… IT WILL END!
    No matter how much you have taken, no matter what emotions or feelings or thoughts you have or amount of time you think has lapsed, the journey will end. You will not get stuck into this place and never come out, you do not need to call an ambulance and you won’t be ‘dying’. There are many people who experience this but you need to make sure you are 100% aware that it will end eventually.