A once commonly practiced occurrence during a time when life was much more simpler and there was more time to work on ones self. Meditation is used for a variety of purposes such as to clear ones mind, focus on a specific topic or go into a trance like state. The main two types of meditation that I will go in-depth regarding are the Chakra Balancing meditation and the Pineal Gland Activation meditation.

Chakra Balancing/Mantra

Chakra balancing relates to restoring the natural flow of energy across the chakra system. This doesn’t necessarily mean there is a block as it could mean an imbalance within one or multiple chakra systems. Undergoing a full chakra balance can help restore this natural flow. Simple guided meditation is available that lasts usually 30 minutes will suffice in balancing these chakras. There are also area specific meditations available if you have determined where the block/imbalance is located.

(See Chakras for more information)

Pineal Gland Activation/3rd Eye Opening

Pineal Gland Activation or 3rd Eye Opening is commonly referred to as the awakening of a missing part of yourself. It can occur naturally (although very rare in this day and age) or with assistance. Listening to Solfeggio Frequencies daily and music at 432Hz can assist with this process. There are specific videos available on video sharing platforms with a simple search of ‘pineal gland activation’ or ‘third eye opening’ many utilise this same frequency to assist in unlocking the pineal gland.