A Mushroom Journey

End of Year 2021 | Beginning of 2022

I was fascinated by the concept of going through a journey using nature’s own garden in the process and suggested to start with Magic Mushrooms. I was never too interested with Marijuana/Weed/Mary-Jane/420 even though lots of friends had access to this and did it regularly enough. With many things in my life, this fell right into my lap. I made new friends and they shared their experiences on mushrooms and the journeys they went on. This reassured me that I needed to at least give it a go. The most assuring part of this was when one of my new friends explained to me that what you see, experience and go through will remove your ego and cause ‘Ego Death’. Not only this, he also mentioned that everyone should experience this once in their lives at a younger age and it would change the human race for the better. I couldn’t wait to give it a go.

Journey 1 (End of Year 2021)

I did a lot of research into this topic before jumping in. I credit my friend for providing me with a book called ‘Wound Swimming’ by Tiana Griege. I followed most of it, however did change a few things here and there to fit my situation. (see Magic Mushrooms for more information)

I started on a 3 gram dose as I was very comfortable with what I was about to experience especially having vivid visions and dreams. I had mine in a tea form but also ate the mushrooms after I had consumed the tea. They taste exactly like normal mushrooms if you have them dried. After consuming the mushrooms, it took about 30 minutes to kick in. After this time, I felt relaxed and could tell it started to begin with gradual visions occurring. Everything started to get slower as only one sense is heightened at a time.

At the onset, the visuals consisted of a fog appearing around the floor inside the house, the paintings starting to move and the toilet ‘breathing’. So far I thought it was absolutely magical. I laid on the couch for a bit and closed my eyes and saw beautiful rainbow patterns of geometric shapes/waves/lines. I was calm and in a good place with relaxing tranquil music playing in the background. When I opened my eyes I saw a rainbow woman coming down from the ceiling with a hand held out to me as if to go with her. Nothing felt wrong or scary and there was absolutely no fear coming through.

Once I enjoyed the indoor experience I moved myself outdoors. As I walked outside, I was hit by vivid colours of the almost fluorescent like trees, grass and sky. My eyesight became crystal clear and telescopic, able to see birds and planes with zoomed focus. The grass felt fake and synthetic. There was a hexagonal shaped dome covering the entire sky shinning and shimmering as if it was reflecting the sunlight. I heard all the neighbours and what they were saying indoors and outdoors all the way down the street. I could hear whispers clearly and bugs/animals seemed to attract towards me like ants. This went on for about 4 hours and once it was over took me about 3 days to process and document everything that was uncovered. I had to know more.

Journey 2 (Beginning of Year 2022)

I raved and raved about the experience and the journey I had. I told everyone I met, all my friends and some of my family about the experience at every moment I could. I couldn’t wait for the next journey and thought I would have to up the dosage in order to go on a deeper journey.

Once I could get my hands on a few more mushrooms, I decided to give a 5.5 gram dose a go. This is what is known as a hero dose and allows you to really connect with oneself and the universe. The same thing started as before, 30 minutes to kick in, fog started to appear, paintings started to move and the toilet started ‘breathing’ again. I thought to myself, here we go again.

This journey was extremely different from the previous journey. I went through a few stages, each showing what I processed as previous life cycles/future life cycles.

  • The first stage took me to a starship/spaceship that was made of pure transparent and white crystal (potentially clear aluminium/quartz/selenite). The ship was large and had a massive window to see out of. The controls were all made of precious crystals and metals which looked to have had some melted (potentially gold/silver) into the devices. I felt at peace and calm here and my mind felt like it had gone back to somewhere very familiar.
  • The second stage flooded me with memories that showed me the repetitive cycle of Earth/Gaia. It showed that there was an AI matrix grid system in place and that reincarnations and incarnations from various races and locations had been sent to dismantle this and free humanity that have been trapped here.
  • The third stage showed my previous/future life as a crystal being. Unfortunately this is the most vague stage as all that I can remember is that I was a pure energy being and that I had come here in a ‘dumbed’ down form and many abilities and knowledge had been suppressed/hidden.

The number 9 (which was told to me was the prime number of life and creation) appeared to me throughout this journey. I constantly repeated the phrase ‘We have been here before, we have done this before’ over and over again. The appearance of my friends changed, one into an elf-like being, the other into a smurf-like being. During the last stages I could see aura’s very clearly around people.

Once it was all over, it took me over a week to process all the information that came through. The way in which I thought and acted shifted even more drastically to a ‘care-free everything will be alright’ approach. I was more at peace knowing what I learnt and started to research and delve deeper into what more had been suppressed/hidden from us that we could access ourselves with a bit of searching. It was time for me to unlearn everything I was taught through school and start learning through my instincts, ‘forbidden’ books and my own will.

3 thoughts on “A Mushroom Journey

  1. Michael

    Well this seems remarkable and interesting to know about one’s self. Do you watch science fiction movies or read about science fiction? I’m curious about the starship part of your experience. Was this something from your past or was it unexpected?

    1. Dee

      Thank you for reaching out Michael.

      I do watch Sci-Fi and have watched Stargate many many times over however this ship was extremely different from what I had ever seen in movies/TV shows.

      I do believe that this was my past but also my future after this life as I had seen this life and previous lives I lived repeat over and over and had a deep sense of relief knowing this was my last visit/reincarnation on Earth.

      Hope that adds some clarity.

  2. April Hollarn

    Mushrooms are such an unexpected source of Knowledge once you understand they aren’t for recreational uses and that the originals didn’t use them for that purpose but for spiritual beliefs. Keep sharing the awareness Dee!


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