Author: Dee

Turning Point

Year of 2015 A few years passed and more regrets and disappointment followed however this all changed with my trip overseas to Europe to the country called Macedonia. My ethnicity is Macedonian and as such have strong roots and connections to the country and that followed as soon as my feet touched the ground. During […]

Veganism / Plant-based

Year of 2016+ Whilst writing this I am still completely plant-based. I haven’t had any non plant-based foods since arriving back home after my travels. No ‘cheat’ days, no ‘cravings’ and no ‘missed’ food. What I learnt is that there is a LOT of processed plant-based food out there and people will often tell you […]

My Darkest Week

Year 2020/2021 The year that the ‘crown virus’ became the worlds biggest fear factor turned Australia back into a prison colony with the worlds harshest lockdowns and toughest restrictions ever placed on a nation. At this time of June/July it was when I went through my darkest week of my life where I learnt that […]

A Spiritual Journey

Year 2021/2022 After everything that had happened in life I decided to continue on my spiritual journey/awakening. I started researching using alternative methods such as Telegram (app) and delving deeper into specific topics such as meditation, chakras, nutrition, psilocybin, aliens and synchronicities (just to name a few). Everything seemed to lead back to the same […]

A Mushroom Journey

End of Year 2021 | Beginning of 2022 I was fascinated by the concept of going through a journey using nature’s own garden in the process and suggested to start with Magic Mushrooms. I was never too interested with Marijuana/Weed/Mary-Jane/420 even though lots of friends had access to this and did it regularly enough. With […]

Astral Adventures

Mid-End of Year 2022 After researching extensively and continued meditation and breathwork, astral travelling became a very prominent part of my nightly routine. My dream state became much more vivid and felt extremely real almost as if I moved into a parallel universe for a short period of time. There were only ever odd differences […]