A Spiritual Journey

Year 2021/2022

After everything that had happened in life I decided to continue on my spiritual journey/awakening. I started researching using alternative methods such as Telegram (app) and delving deeper into specific topics such as meditation, chakras, nutrition, psilocybin, aliens and synchronicities (just to name a few). Everything seemed to lead back to the same place or overlap and end up back to what is known by many names as ‘God’, ‘Source’ or even ‘Universal Consciousness’. After heavily researching this topic much more of life made sense even though some sounded farfetched or too good to be true however decided to go in with an open mind and I wasn’t disappointed.

Note: There are some topics that are mentioned yet not touched on as these require a dedicated and detailed page.


I had heard about the benefits of meditation for a long time prior to this but never had the discipline to attempt or try this. Everyone I spoke to raved about the results and insisted I should try it. I could never keep myself still in a single position or sit with feet crossed for prolonged periods of time so it was always on the ‘to-do list’. I took the leap of faith and started. I laid down in a comfortable position, listened to guided meditation programs and went from there. After many attempts and practice daily, I got to the point in where it assisted in relieving stress from work, clearing the mind of all the fog and clutter from the day to day experiences and helped me centre myself. My sleep once again improved even more and taking that time out of my day assisted with realising we aren’t that busy but that we just waste time.


Ever since I can remember I have seen repeating numbers of 11. The most common one I saw was always 11:11 however now it has moved onto seeing 8:11, 10:11, 11:11, 1:11, 5:11 and so on for an entire day. This for me is reassurance that I am on the right path and to continue what I am doing. Many people see this and start their journey from this point on. Sometimes it isn’t straight away but after a few years. My dad is a good example of this, he said to me he saw it his whole life but never really thought much of it till I explained what it was and now he seems to see it more and more.


Growing up I loved aliens and SCI-FI. I was never scared of it only fascinated by it. I was glued to the TV watching Stargate as a child and till this day is my favourite TV series of all time. I had rewatched it many times before but until recently never put the pieces together on how much of a disclosure this was. I learnt that there are many different species of aliens. I also learnt not all aliens aligned themselves with being light or dark entities. Some had regressed in consciousness and had been thrown into a lower dimension. The most fascinating part of this is that some humans on Earth are actually reincarnations of certain types of aliens and below is a list of the most common species.

  • Arcturians (predominately light)
  • Lyrans (predominately light)
  • Pleiadians (predominately light)
  • Annunaki (predominately dark)
  • Draconians (predominately dark)
  • Greys (predominately dark)

These were just a few of the experiences that have guided me on my ongoing spiritual journey/awakening and there are many more to come. The main point to be aware of is that we have been given free will and should utilise this in ever aspect of our daily lives.

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  1. Whitley

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Please keep this up and continue to share your life. Maybe a book will be an option later down the track!


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