Again, Another Mushroom Journey

Journey 4 (End of 2023)

After almost a year without being able to source mushrooms, a new acquaintance came into my life and a week later he produced these. I remembered at the time wanting to go on another journey immensely and asking the universe to provide this and that is exactly what had happened. The guy who provided the mushrooms was on a very similar wavelength and frequency as myself. He had similar journeys, experiences and knowledge and thought it would be perfect if we went on a journey together. Prior to this, I felt as if I knew him from another life or my past and felt a connection/tether.


I prepared MOSTLY like all my journeys prior – no food for 12hrs, vegan, good mindset/intentions, water/food available close, safe space and objects you resonate with (crystals, incense, patterned blankets).

I brewed 2.5grams of dried mushrooms in a tea form with lemon added (also ate the mushrooms after drinking the tea). I would never add lemon again to mushrooms as these caused the mushrooms to become so potent that it felt like a 6gram dosage. I laid outside in the sun. After 15 minutes it began.

Phase 1

The initial phase was like none I had experienced before. The fractals didn’t last long but what followed felt like hours. I felt like I was repeating the same sequence of events over and over again. The incense looked like it was placed in a unique pattern, the towel I used had psychedelic patterns, the guy I was journeying with looked so familiar that I legit had to poke him to make sure he wasn’t a figment of my mind. Scenarios came to me and I pondered on so many questions during this time about how it was possible that I remembered this exact moment and everything I did moving forward solidified this fact. I even questioned myself as to why I continued to take mushrooms and go on these journeys.

Phase 2

I was surprised that I was somewhat able to write and comprehend what was going on to an extent but it became far too difficult to do as the journey progressed. Some notes that were written were as follows:-

  • ‘Tripping supposedly 1st time with fried’
  • ‘Feels like we have done this before’
  • ‘Kind of feels like I remember this before but not sure’
  • ‘I have done this trip before or at least similar’
  • ‘Same patterns, same sequence of events, it feels like a repetitive infinite cycle’

Once I had enough of writing things down, I tried to use the computer with great difficulty. I put a video on and everything looked foreign and too complex to process so I decided to go back outside and lay on an inflatable mattress and closed my eyes. I saw the same pattern and colours that always come to me during the journey. Thin lines of colour mainly green and pink with a black background. Words also appeared saying ‘created by or made by’ as if the mushrooms or myself was a product developed. I asked myself why do I keep doing this and what is the purpose of this but a voice kept saying ‘you have failed, you took the apple of knowledge and now have sinned’. Thoughts rushed to my head, I thought I had failed a soul test and that I died and this was where my life ends and repeats over and over. I even asked myself did the new friend give me a bad dose and I died? I even questioned my trip sitter at this time and wondered why I would accept something from a random person I met one week earlier. At this point I was so paralytic I couldn’t fathom the thought of moving so I continued to lay there.

Phase 3

I finally had the strength to get up and moved myself to my lounge and my trip sitter accompanied me (my friend that introduced me to mushrooms). We had a very big deep and meaningful where I asked her the usual stock standard questions and got the usual stock standard responses. They included:-

  1. Why are we here?
  2. Are we in an infinite cycle where we can only change a few things?
  3. What is the purpose of the mushrooms?
  4. Are we even human? Are we aliens? Are we Robots?
  5. What if we are like Robots to Humans? We created them but they think they are real? What if Aliens created us and we are just their ‘robots’?
  6. Why does the reality look so much more interesting when we have unrestricted abilities?

The questions went on and on and on with no solid answers. I began to question everything at this point.

Phase 4

I began to unwind, slowly coming back from the journey. Trying to speak to my new friend about our journey we just shared didn’t produce many words. We strung together a few simple phrases like ‘what a journey’ or ‘what an experience’ or ‘wow that was something else’. As I was coming off these I saw hieroglyphs on my ceiling and thought what an interesting pattern to draw. I wondered how many ‘ancient civilizations’ used these as part of their lives and if that was the key to where we are presently.

After roughly 5/6 hours, the journey was over. I was once again a mixed bag of emotions and writing this, 2 weeks later, I still feel the same. I personally feel like the journey was intense in the ways I didn’t require it to be and didn’t provide me as many answers I have received in previous journeys.

With that being said, I will journey again in the near future with hopes that I can receive more information and knowledge to share.

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