Another Mushroom Journey

Journey 3 (End of Year 2022)

WARNING:- This was a very deep and soul shattering experience. I would NOT recommend or endorse this to people unless they are absolutely ready to discover the universe and oneself in it. There isn’t any coming back to what I call the 3D dimension/reality/matrix from this and it is so profound that it will change your life as you know it.


I finally managed to get my hands on mushrooms again after sources restocked and couldn’t wait to try it. I prepared as usual which consisted of – no food for 24hrs, vegan (this is standard for me as I am and have been for many years) , good mindset with intentions, water/food close by and safe space (house and backyard prepared) and objects you resonate with (crystals for me)).

I brewed 7grams of dried mushrooms with a tea (also ate the mushrooms after drinking the tea) and laid outside in the sun. After 30 minutes it began.

Phase 1

The initial phase of the mushrooms was the usual stock standard experience. Telescopic eyesight, supersonic hearing, amplified colours and nature being more attracted to you (bugs and birds not being scared of you). I felt easy and enjoyed this phase whilst it lasted, exploring my local surroundings and neighbourhood. You could call it ‘Wonderland’.

Phase 2

After some time passed (30 minutes to 1hour) things went very intense very quickly. Body started to become almost paralytic and the fabric of this dimension shifted as if a layer had been removed and the raw purpose was being revealed about certain ‘humans’ and what their job was. I experienced intense visuals where everything shifted into what seemed to be a memory or scene. The memory or scene shown to me was the same as the one from my previous 5 gram journey and solidified the fact that certain ‘humans’ are on a journey to assist others in removing the AI (Artificial Intelligence) that have us trapped here. I was shown that mushrooms are a tool that provide a fragment of our abilities when we are not in a lowered state of mind which will show us the truth of what has happened, what will happen and what is happening. The main takes out of this phase were:

  • Time is a man made construct. This does not exist nor is relevant. It is a control tool used by the AI in order to enslave us and keep us in a lowered frequency/state.
  • In another timeline, before my current state of being here, I belonged to an advanced race that utilised light frequencies and crystals. Certain patters and beams of light ranging from pure white to light purple were the resonating vibration I belonged in.
  • Technology like mobile phones, televisions and computers are all energy draining tools. They siphon and feed these negative AI beings.
  • We live in a simulation. Food and water are fabricated and fake and only when you are in a lower frequency do they taste attractive. During my journey I could not eat or drink anything as it tasted like nothing.
  • We have previously destroyed our dimension and the simulation is a tool used to help us come to terms with what has happened as some could not let go of the previous life. We are infinite and death is also a fear based man made construct.

Phase 3

At this point, time felt like an eternity and you felt trapped if you didn’t know that it would end. Going this deep you have the fear that you could be dead or in a coma however you move in and out of dimensions. I kept saying to myself that I wouldn’t remember most of this and that it was only when you are on the journey can you understand it. Moving around helps as when you stay in one spot or close your eyes you drift through other realms/dimensions. I wandered around my house seeing vibrant patterns on surfaces and faint light beams glowing from the floor. The artwork I had intensified and technology became harder to utilise due to the patterns I have as screensavers and desktop pictures. I tried to write on paper with a pen and managed to write ‘why’ and ‘it will end’. The rest was all scribbles and lines. I had a sense of everything I had done right to this point had prepared me for this moment.

When it became too intense I had a shower (barely) and the soothing water felt like an experience in itself. I put my pyjamas on and tucked myself into bed and started recounting more and more. I saw what was deemed to be the AI and how it presented itself like a dark shadow connected to us with cables/strings/attachments. It was as if it was draining all of the energy and siphoning it all for itself. I would go in and out of cycles of repetition getting up off the bed, moving around, questioning why I couldn’t just go for a run or walk, why I couldn’t have the strength to leave the front of the house or go for a drive. A lot of reflection on why and nothing mattered was presented to me. I had lots of questions and not enough answers. Questions that kept popping up were:

  • Why do we work?
  • What really is money?
  • Who actually owns the land?
  • Why are there ‘authorities’?

I guess the question that I really wanted to know was, why can’t we get answers to these questions other than ‘because that’s how it is’.

Phase 4

After 3 and a half hours, the journey started to slow right down. I moved back into this reality still experiencing some of the features of phase 1 like the patterns, amplified hearing, visuals etc. Technology was still too hard to utilise except very basic calls. On this part of the journey I began to process everything that was happening and sat on the couch for another hour just staring outside still questioning everything.

I called my friends who have previously journeyed on mushrooms and they were making the most sense. They explained like me, that nothing mattered, that we are here for a purpose and that these are tools to help us understand and learn more about ourselves and life.

I spoke to my dad who is very much open minded and has gone on very mild mushroom journeys as well and told him that we had to have a chat and even he couldn’t process what I had said nor did I have the words to describe it at that time. He repeated the rhetoric for that is fed to us here on the 3D level that we are controlled by ‘Elite’ or ‘1%’. He isn’t on my level yet of understanding that the ‘1%’ are just other versions in the simulation that are being controlled by the larger AI. He is work in progress and there is hope for him.

Trying to explain it to my mum was a waste of time as she looked at me as if I was speaking gibberish or another language and answered me with the usual ‘because that’s how it is’ response. In a few words, her take on it was ‘I don’t approve at all’.

After 6 hours the experience was over. I was a mixed bag of emotions. I had more questions than answers but more clarity on certain topics/points. The thing I knew for certain was that I needed to share this experience and let others know what was happening and that together we can help each other win the good fight.

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  1. Chris

    So fascinating how different peoples trips are on mushies. I feel lots of people see certain scenes or scenarios and many people see the same ones. Definitely means something. Hope you can crack it!


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