Astral Adventures

Mid-End of Year 2022

After researching extensively and continued meditation and breathwork, astral travelling became a very prominent part of my nightly routine. My dream state became much more vivid and felt extremely real almost as if I moved into a parallel universe for a short period of time. There were only ever odd differences like an unknown piece of furniture or the layout of the room being different or even something unusual about a friend/family member.

The one thing these experiences all had in common was the way in which they started. I knew I was about to go on an astral adventure when the ringing in the ear started before bed. I focused on this ringing and it led me into a ‘split’ between my physical and spiritual body. Other times, it would involve me ‘vibrating’ and activating my 3rd eye resulting in bursts of white light through my mind’s eye.

Many times during my adventures I could move/jump/float or even bounce around my bedroom. Other times I could go around the entire house and just to the mailbox. For the most part, I would simply stare at myself and think how crazy this all was. Once I got used to this idea, I became braver and more fearless and started to go deeper in these adventures and here are some of the experiences I had.

Notable Astral Travel 1

In this adventure, I managed to go to what I believe was my room in another universe/plane. It was night time, cold and a window wide open. It was freezing in the room and it was a mess. It had pieces of paper with writing on them and books open and scattered everywhere as if someone was fanatically searching for something. I was wearing the same summer pyjamas that I left with and was thinking how it was that cold. I knew everything that was happening around me and it felt almost like slow motion. When it started to get very cold, I came back to this reality.

Notable Astral Travel 2

In this adventure, I travelled to my parent’s house. It was night time. There was a weird picture of an eye and a bright light coming out of this. This later became a torch and I was looking for something. I was quickly ‘sent back’.

Notable Astral Travel 3

In this adventure, I travelled into another timeline. My head went very light and started to give me a headache and the feeling of dehydration. I felt like something malevolent was waiting for me and kept repeating over and over, ‘I am strong, I am protected’. There were deep dark blue squares coming towards me. I managed to come back to this reality.

Dangerous Astral Travel 4

In what I describe to me my most dangerous and fearing astral travel, I hadn’t been able to travel in a month since then. I ventured into a dark place. There was no light or anything visible. I felt as if I didn’t belong in this place and was a sort of limbo. I called it the void. I was there and knew I didn’t belong. I could hear what sounded like my mother’s voice communicating with me asking if I am OK. I had no strength to respond other than ‘only those that love me can enter this space’. Panic, fear and danger all presented themselves to me as emotions. I was trying to come back to this reality but it was taking much longer than anticipated. I was fearful I was going to end up staying there. I eventually came back and wrote this down and shared it with a friend. The weirdest part of this adventure is I cannot find anything about this and my journal page is blank.

Beginning of Year 2023

I managed to start astral travelling again. It was a slow process and only experienced very basic adventures. They consisted of moving around the house or watching my physical body. After my last dangerous adventure, I believe there is a blockage that will need to be cleared from the fear and darkness that manifested from it. Nevertheless, I am optimistic for what more adventures there are to come.

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