My Darkest Week

Year 2020/2021

The year that the ‘crown virus’ became the worlds biggest fear factor turned Australia back into a prison colony with the worlds harshest lockdowns and toughest restrictions ever placed on a nation. At this time of June/July it was when I went through my darkest week of my life where I learnt that hitting rock bottom was what it took to wake up and see everything with more clarity than ever before.

I had already been awake to many facts before the ‘crown virus’ came into fruition as if it was a perfectly executed plan. I knew about fluoride and the health detriments of it being in the water. I knew about the chemicals that are being sprayed out of planes in the air that we inhale daily leaving trails as they go. I knew about the weather modification that they use to encourage their ‘ideal’ weather. I knew about the GMO seeds and what their altered purpose was. The list went on and on.

During that dark week, there were protests around the country for our freedoms, police brutality, government officials going for totalitarian power and people locked up not able to leave their house for more than 30 minutes a day for exercise and to visit a grocery store within 5kms of their home. Masks were rampant to the point there were none left in shops and people would be fighting for toilet paper as if food wasn’t more important. What a time to be alive I thought in such a crazy inverted world.

Working from home was a given for everyone and being trapped in your home caused everyone’s mental wellbeing to decline with suicide rates increasing drastically. Nobody spoke of this, main stream media only concocted stories about how deadly the ‘crown virus’ was and that as soon as the jabs became available, everyone needed to get them to return to ‘normality’. We were one of the last countries to get the jab rollout going (which was a blessing in some extent) and as soon as it landed people were thrilled and lined up for it without taking any consideration of what was happening in other countries where they were already on their 2nd and 3rd jabs. The majority who didn’t succumbed to the pressure were almost forced and mandated by the government and the workplace policies to get it. The restrictions and limitations placed on those who did not take the jab were almost unbearable but many got through it.

This lead to the point in my life where I started to shift from the 3 dimensional matrix grid system into a more aware and conscious state that wasn’t controlled by media, governments and the elite. I questioned things and asked why and kept repeating this over and over asking it daily and getting the same responses from most of the asleep humans. This was ‘for your health’. Sleepless nights began with an average of 2 hours sleep per night for a week which didn’t help. I was moody, restless and over all of the nonsense going on. I wanted to shake everyone and say ‘WAKE UP!’.

During this restless and lack of sleep time, I thought I couldn’t do much until I realised that there is power in oneself. This was only amplified by being surrounded by like minded individuals and so I did. I met new people on internet groups that were local and we had meet-ups, we planned our protest strategies and we joined millions of people around the world in co-ordinated protests to raise our vibrations and frequency to stop tyrannical bureaucrats indulging in power trips. The protests were euphoric, chanting was heard from streets away, people had the power, police feared us and the ‘main stream media’ lied about it all.

The most important part of this was I met someone who I could say would be the exact copy of me just in the opposite gender. She knew me almost as well as I knew myself. We had the same interests, the same desires and most of all the same view. We both bounced ideas and shared knowledge with each other and she became my rock. At this point I could see that the darkness faded and light returned. Meditation was a daily must if not multiple times a day, the food intake became healthy and nutritious again and exercising was back on the books. I felt like a brand new person. The sleep pattern was back to normal and most importantly, I feared nothing.

I look back at this time and say that the ‘crown virus’ was the largest awakening for many people especially for myself. It was the one push that was needed to get you onto that next stage of awakening. With all that being said, I will forgive but I won’t forget. I won’t forget missing opportunities to see my friends, family and loved ones. I won’t forget not being able to go to weddings or funerals. I won’t forget not being able to go further than 5km’s from my home and most of all, I won’t forget the irreversible damage that it had on many people and to those no longer with us.

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”
– Thomas Jefferson

3 thoughts on “My Darkest Week

  1. Moe

    Thanks for sharing. I visit regularly as a guide and learn from the new stuff you post. Interesting take on everything and seems you grow and develop with each adventure or journey you partake in.

  2. Richard Peterson

    Very great post. I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing in your feed and I hope you write once more soon!

  3. Kendall Ingerson

    What a go to source for motivation your website is. So many have it worse and you stay humble about it all. LOVE IT KEEP IT UP!


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